For those who are not tech-savvy and prefer to read something other than computer tips, then you may want to change your mind about that. The fact is that anything could befall your computer, and then you will need to know a little bit about it. This situation is similar to others where you have a choice between knowing how to get around your computer or knowing nothing. Most people will not want to have a tech make a house call or take their machine someplace for repair. Any time you learn new computer tips, you will be building on what you know. In addition to tips, be certain to check for spyware; read this, SpyHunter 4 Review.

One aspect of your computer that seems to be affected by many things is the speed of your computer. This situation can get really bad when you have multiple windows open or programs running. There can be a number of reasons for that, but one of the most common is your computer has suffered a virus, bot or worm infection. Hopefully you have a good program on your machine for virus protection, and if so then request a scan and see what returns.

You should take the advice of everyone, and use a surge protector, and you will never have to know what a power surge can do. When you use the AC power from your home, your computer can get voltage spikes, because the power source is not the cleanest. The surge in power, if it is large enough, can burn up components in your computer or the power supply. A huge selection of surge protectors can be found at office supply stores or anywhere that sells computers. Your computer's power needs to be connected to the surge protector and it needs to be connected to the outlet on the wall. You will be looking for heartache, if you choose to use your computer without using a surge protector..

One of the natural processes that happens with all hard drives that have some age on them is they can become very fragmented.

The fragmentation comes from normal use and means there are spaces where there is no information with information on either side of it in memory. The simple solution is to defragment your hard drive, and you can use the default utility to accomplish that task, or you can buy an improved defrag program. This free program will do the trick, but as you can imagine someone has made them for sale, as well.

The above computer tips are very easy to put to work on your behalf if you choose to make it so. A tip that is read and ignored will obviously be useless, so do not let that happen to you. The one thing that is really dangerous is thinking you do not need something because there has never been a problem, so far. So obviously the safe thing to do is learn what you can easily do to make your computer safer in every situation.

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